An hour of light

     Before arriving in this country, someone said, you can't bring your feelings here, there is no emotion, there is no sincerity.Then, I tried to put myself in the position of no heart, and did well.Later, I saw a glimmer of light, I thought a little sincere, a little heart.In fact, not so, in a country without emotion, I see some real emotions, they may be wearing a veil, many times, I would rather let myself see the truth, but really not, I see the superficial colleagues, I also see the heart, that kind of hypocrisy face.Countless times I thought I was close, the last ray of light, in fact, it is not, it is not light, all these are false, there is no emotion in the kingdom without a heart.

You think you are close, you are rejected twice, you tell yourself, absolutely no third time.Well, yes.No contact, there will be no problem, just as the previous example, no intersection, at least a little bit of mutual respect.I began to remember that when I added them up, I didn't even get a facial expression back.So, or run their own indifferent, is the best.No intersection, no boredom, no comfort.Yes, if everyone's starting point is interests, the world is ruthless, if you do not want to fall into the abyss of interests, so still choose never intersection.Intersection will have regret, sentimentally attached, do not give up, there is impassability.Without all this, everything is the first appearance.

People get along with a long time, suddenly leave, although there is no feelings, but I remember a word called habit.Used to things, suddenly did not, how sad ah.Perhaps, this is the heart of the most sincere which small part.Yes, in the country without emotion, this little sincerity is the need to hide, can hide the time to hide, can't let it be polluted by other things.So valuable the most sincere appearance, not everyone deserves to have it.

Suddenly thought of such a word "match".Well!That's a really good word.No, not really.Good things are for lovely people, those with a mask of lovely forget it, not at all worthy.Always don't like to wear a mask of people, so with face have what, wear a mask of people can not see your ugly heart?No, I can see it better...

In fact, you do not have to be sad, also do not have to worry.This is what reality looks like, but you didn't see it before. If reality gives you a chance to see it earlier, it should be a warning to do better in the future.Originally, the reality gave you a test, so you should make good use of it, if you learn anything, this is useful, did not let you learn anything, that is a futile effort.It's all about becoming a better person.Use reality to teach your lessons and be happy.


在抵达这个国度之前,有人说,不能把你的情感带来这里,这里没有感情,也没有真诚。然后,我尝试着把自己放在了没有心的位置,做得很好。后来,看到了一点微光,我自认为科真诚一点,用心一点。其实不是这样的,在一个没有情感的国家 ,我看到了一些真实的情感,它们或许带着面纱,很多时候,我都宁愿让自己看到的都是真实的,但是真的不是,我看到了表面的东西,我也看到了内心,那种虚伪的面孔。无数次我自以为自己靠近了,那最后的一束微光,其实不是,那不是光,这一切都是虚伪的,没有心的国度不存在情感。

亦橙 创始人